Foresight, PROSPEKTIKER's core activity, is a systematic, participatory process of accumulating future intelligence and building a medium and long-term vision aimed at making decisions now and mobilising joint actions.


Some of the characteristics of foresight compared to other classical approaches is that it aims to take a long-term view, analyse breaking trends and articulate forward-looking reflections, focused on present action. Foresight is a participatory process of building a medium- and long-term vision for decision-making.

The use of strategic foresight prepares companies and territories for change. But also, and no less importantly, it prepares the people who are part of them. It allows companies and territories to integrate long-term thinking and possible changes of all kinds (social, technological, cultural, demographic, economic) that will affect them and that they will have to take into account in their strategy and planning process.

Support in strategic reflection and planning processes

Providing relevant, understandable and timely information on the environment that is applicable to the management of organisations, companies or territories

Dissemination of a culture of innovation, of creation of the future, in the organisation or in the territory

Preparing the organisation for profound changes

What we offer

At PROSPEKTIKER we want to promote reflection on possible futures and make decision-making easier for companies and administrations. To this end, we have a wide range of methodological tools, including technological solutions, which systematise and facilitate the foresight reflection and the development of strategies to face the future of any organisation or territory:

Foresight-Strategic Plans
Technological foresight
Structural analysis and elaboration of future scenarios
Observatories and strategic- and trend-monitoring systems
Sectoral foresight: trend and impact analysis
Development of foresight cells in administration and business
Strategic territorial planning and spatial planning
Training in the subject of foresight

Who it is for

Strategic foresight is increasingly used not only in large public or private organisations, but also in SMEs or business associations, start-ups, non-profit organisations and NGOs, local and regional public administrations, etc.

Since 1987, PROSPEKTIKER has successfully accompanied many of these companies and administrations in their planning and decision-making processes incorporating the long-term vision.

Project Manager at Repsol’s Technology Centre

“I would highlight the proximity, adaptation and real teamwork as qualities of PROSPEKTIKER. They’ve helped us to visualise future trends with a specific methodology and they’ve also awakened the strategic foresight bug”

Over the years, PROSPEKTIKER has gone through several key moments that have enabled it to consolidate its position as an international benchmark in the field of foresight, successfully applying foresight and strategic planning methodologies in both the public and private sectors.

Contact our expert team.

Contact our expert team.

Ibon Zugasti


“We want to promote reflection and make decision-making easier for organisations and companies”
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