Assistance for European projects

With a focus on intensifying your participation in Europe, we strengthen your connections and help you transform an idea into a project.


In a hyper-connected scenario and in a context of unprecedented disruption, promoting the creation and development of European networks and the exchange and transfer of knowledge and skills becomes an essential task. To open up to new opportunities for cooperation, organisations need to create contacts, exploit synergies and constantly update themselves. This is no easy task.

At PROSPEKTIKER, for years we have been working on the development of European Projects that allow us to transfer the innovations created in Europe to our closest environment. We offer you information on opportunities to access European Union programmes and support to establish new relationships with other European entities.

We are facilitators: we can participate as partners, advise you or manage your project. Would you like to know how we do it?

Promoting synergies and mutual enrichment

Developing innovative projects in Europe that benefit people, institutions, organisations and society as a whole

Investing in knowledge, skills and competencies

Contributing to growth and ensuring sustainability, equality, prosperity and social inclusion in Europe and beyond

What we offer

Our experience in Europe allows us to accompany you at any stage to position your project.

We encourage your participation in European knowledge networks
Support in the formulation of proposals or projects
Market intelligence, key information for your strategic decisions
We promote collaboration with other organisations, generating synergies
Access to funding opportunities
Search for international partners

We mainly work in 3 major areas: foresight, sustainability and training and employment.

Creating ad-hoc tools and methodologies
Designing plans and strategies that promote a more sustainable development of both the territory and the organisations
Developing training materials with a high degree of innovation

ITC (Circular Start partner)

“Thank you very much for the work done, cooperation and coordination. I hope that we can continue to collaborate in other projects”

Partners and collaborating entities across Europe

Experience in different programmes, in particular ERASMUS+

Versatility: coordination, management and technical assistance

Benchmark in foresight, sustainability and training and employment

Participation in more than 30 European projects since 1987

Contact our expert team.

Eugenia Atin


“We want to promote reflection and make it easier for organizations and companies to make decisions”

Raquel Serrano


“We promote the creation and development of European networks and projects for the strategic improvement of organizations, the exchange of good practices and the development of innovative products”
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