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to face the challenges of territories and organisations and thus contribute to a fairer, more advanced and sustainable society.

What we offer

Innovative accompaniment
Generating value and opportunities that guarantee sustainability and impact. And the promotion of new scenarios based on experience and personal commitment.
And more than 35 years
Accompanying in the search for answers based on foresight and the design of initiatives for change. We anticipate, we build desirable futures.
Of experience transforming
Turn to Prospektiker if you need a team that is committed and inspiring, and that guarantees solutions with great transformative potential.

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What we do




Assistance for European projects

Employment and training

Economic and social development

Millennium Network

Millennium Network

  • We are the Spanish node of The Millennium Project, a global “Think tank” that links experts around the world and explores how to build a better future.
Employment Observatory

Employment Observatory

  • We monitor the latest data, so that the decisions are the most accurate.
Foresight for SMEs

Foresight for SMEs

  • Explore possible futures and choose where you want to go. It's easy, it's for SMEs.
European Projects

European Projects

  • Europe is advancing, with a horizon and in a circular manner. CircularStart, LCIP, Escalate...

Some of our projects

Basketball in Gipuzkoa has a good plan

We are working with the Gipuzkoa Federation to set up a strategic plan to detect how to be awarded licences at a time of decline.

Getxo, the great challenges 2030

Since 2016, we have been working closely with the Getxo City Council in the development of its 2030 Local Agenda and we support it in its transition to a more sustainable municipality.

Which will be the occupations with the greatest labor demand in the future in Euskadi?

A prospective employment observatory in Euskadi for Lanbide. A foresight tool that provides qualitative and quantitative information on job demand, replacement needs and the potential supply of workers, as well as challenges and trends in the demand for skills in different occupations...

Project Manager at Repsol’s Technology Centre

“They’ve helped us to visualise future trends with a specific methodology and they’ve also helped us catch the strategic foresight bug”


  • Influencers
  • Humanists
  • Transformative support
  • Forerunners
  • Atelier
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