In a context of climate change and finite resources, economic development that does not go hand-in-hand with sustainability is no longer understandable. Sustainability has become an essential element of the global agenda, and companies and organisations have a lot to say and do in building a path towards a more sustainable and fairer development that protects the planet and improves people's lives.


We need responsible and committed organisations; sustainable organisations that not only prioritise the reduction of negative impacts and enhance their positive impacts on the environment, but also contribute positively to people’s well-being and to improving their competitiveness as an organisation. PROSPEKTIKER can and wants to help you in this process.

Our area of action is focused on the local, regional and European level. The experience of more than 20 years in the development of projects in collaboration with European partners in the field of eco-innovation, through which we have developed specific and innovative tools and methodologies for the integration and management of sustainability, allowing us to approach the projects of our surrounding environment with a more open and fresh vision.

Using tools and methodologies developed at European level

Applying success stories in companies

Studying specific territories or sectors

Analysing data to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement

Contributing to reduce the environmental impact of human activities

What we offer

We accompany you throughout the process and adapt to your needs.

We collaborate with other local agents that complement our capacities and experiences to offer you a complete and comprehensive solution.

Identification of opportunities and definition of strategies and action plans in the field of the circular economy for the promotion of circular business models
Reflection, analysis and definition of actions for the integration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the company and in the territory
Elaboration of Agendas 2030 and accompaniment for their implementation
Preparation of sustainability reports, reports on corporate social responsibility and transparency throughout the value chain

Getxo City Council Environment Unit Team

“It is unthinkable to be able to develop our work challenge in the implementation and consolidation of the 2030 Agenda in our municipality without the people at PROSPEKTIKER. They stand out for their high work capacity, being able to grasp our ideas perfectly and specify objectives, and their absolute involvement and close relations; they are just like another member of our team”

Projects adapted to private companies, sectorial associations and other local and regional public entities (e.g. municipalities, counties)

Multidisciplinary and complementary work team, covering the environmental, social and governance fields

The transfer of knowledge acquired through the development of European projects to the local and regional level as a clear differential value

Active partner of the European Network of Experts in Sustainable Consumption and Production PREPARE for more than 20 years

We are an ISO140001 certified company for environmental management

Contact our expert team.

Eugenia Atin


“Committed to the ODS and sustainable development. We help organizations meet the 2030 Agenda and take new paths to protect the environment and address climate change”
(0034) 943 835 704

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