Employment and training

Prospective research applied to the study of the labour market and training needs.


We are witnessing a process of sectoral and occupational transformation as a result of the effects of technical progress, with a growing debate on the impact of digitalisation and automation on sectors, occupations and skills. For the most pessimistic, about half of the current occupations could be at high risk, while other studies suggest that further technological progress would actually mean a transformation of tasks, with new occupations and activities emerging to replace the old ones. Ultimately, new alternatives in new sectors and an evolution of current skills towards activities that will require new competencies.

What we offer

Foresight, applied to the study of the future of work and training needs, helps to anticipate the vulnerability of professions to technological change and, consequently, the skills that will be key in that future, the opportunities that will arise in new activities and emerging professions, as well as the imbalances in the labour market caused by the ageing of its workforce or its lack of future competitiveness. It also helps in the proactive management of human resources in organisations, anticipating the changes and working environments that we will need in our companies.

At Prospektiker we have extensive knowledge and experience supporting proactive planning and the development of proactive employment and training policies:

Information systems and Observatories for labour market foresight: estimates and analyses on future demand for professionals and skills
Occupational trends and territorial foresight of the future of work
Foresight analysis and impact of ageing on public and private organisations
Analysis of technological impact on professions and sectors
Sectoral diagnoses and identification of training needs
Analysis of emerging opportunities, activities and professions in key sectors: circular economy, care economy, digital transition, ...
Design and implementation of territorial governance models on employment: sectoral roundtables and networks for employment
Evaluation of employment and training policies and programmes

Who it is for

Foresight applied to the analysis of labour environments and the future demand for professionals and skills supports the design of anticipation strategies for the planning of policies and actions in the field of employment and training.

It also supports companies and business associations to develop proactive management of people in organisations (substitutions by replacement, re-qualification strategies, talent policies, replacement plans…) and individuals by providing guidance and key information on the opportunities or risks arising from perceived imbalances between the demand and supply of professionals.


Lanbide Technical Office

“Anticipation should be a component in the strategy of organisations, but it is not a widespread practice. Materialising this strategy and having a foresight position is not easy, and requires methodologies that combine data analysis with the participation of agents. In addition to method, it requires continuity and commitment to coexist with stable trends and profound uncertainties. At Lanbide we rely on Prospektiker and its people as a partner in this challenge”

Prospektiker has close knowledge of the field of employment and training policies, with more than 50 references in studies and research of a foresight-strategic nature in this field and a long history in European programmes and networks.

Since 2009 we have coordinated the participation of the CAE in the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring, a network for the exchange of knowledge and practices between observatories throughout Europe that allows us to continue improving the present and future labour market intelligence systems. Since 2016 we have been assisting Lanbide in the design and implementation of an Observatory for employment foresight and occupational trends in the Basque Country. Futurelan is a foresight tool that provides early information on the future evolution of employment demand, replacement needs and the potential supply of workers, both by occupations and by economic activities, also offering qualitative information on challenges and trends and the potential evolution of the demand for skills.

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Raquel Serrano


“Te ayudamos a identificar los retos y transformaciones del mercado de trabajo futuro y el impacto sobre las actividades, perfiles profesionales y demanda de competencias, así como las opciones estratégicas para la actividad, sector o territorio”

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