Economic and social development

Advice and support to public and private entities for economic and social development.


The economic and social fabric of a territory is impacted by different elements, present or future, which can affect its current development, but also its future development, even to the point of questioning its very survival. These elements that affect economic activity and social life can be of a very diverse nature, such as, regulatory aspects, new technological developments, changes in consumer habits in society, new business models and a long etcetera. If the economic fabric does not adapt quickly, it is often relegated or even left out of the market.

Consequently, companies and people must be capable of changing and adapting to the different transformations that occur and, therefore, the permanent current and future analysis of the different elements or trends and the impact they have on organisations is an essential activity for the survival of the entities themselves. Along the same lines, public entities, which directly or indirectly affect the economic fabric, must adapt their support policies to these changes and trends, in order to be able to have a real impact on the development of companies and society as a whole.

What we offer

At Prospektiker we support different organisations in the processes of reflection and preparation for change, and we also accompany them in the implementation of the different solutions that are designed. In this sense, our work methodology has as a fundamental element the co-creation with the client, in such a way that they feel involved and the centre of the work carried out. In this sense, the flexibility and adaptability of the consultancy team ensures that the project is tailored to the needs and objectives of each organisation.

At Prospektiker we have extensive knowledge and experience advising and accompanying public and private entities for economic and social development:

Company strategic plans and sectoral strategic plans
Territorial strategic plans
Design and evaluation of public policies aimed at the economic and social promotion of territories
Analysis of the economic and social impact of public policies, both general policies and specific programmes or actions
Territorial and sectorial employment plans: identification of profiles and design of actions
Design and implementation of socio-occupational inclusion projects for people in a situation or at risk of social exclusion
Identification of market niches for activity and employment
Feasibility plans for the creation of economic activities
Commercial, catering or services development plans in territories
Systems for the articulation of generational succession

Who it is for

Advice and support for economic and social development is aimed at business entities, in a broad sense, i.e. individual companies, but also business associations, territorial or sectorial associations and clusters in any field of activity. Our services are aimed at any field of activity in which these organisations are involved, including industry or the services sector.

On the other hand, another regular target of our services is closely related to the public sector, where this sector is also understood in a broad sense, that is, public administration and the rest of the organisations that fall within the perimeter of the public sector, such as development agencies, public companies, public foundations, etc.

The team that makes up Prospektiker contains people with extensive experience and knowledge put into practice in a large number of projects, so that in addition to advanced methodologies, they have extensive knowledge of the field or sector of activity that is the object of the project.

We have more than two hundred references in the field of advice and support for economic and social development, both for the private sector and the public sector, both nationally and internationally. In this way, we advise and accompany companies, various public administrations and socio-economic agents, taking into account the different conditions of the economy at any given time, both at present and those that may arise in the future.

In short, we accompany you in preparing the future and we walk you through the process.

Contact our expert team.

Iñaki Elzaurdi


“Apoyamos en el crecimiento sostenible de los territorios y las organizaciones, desde el convencimiento de que el desarrollo económico debe ir de la mano del progreso social y ser, a su vez, respetuoso con el medioambiente”
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