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Diagnosis of the situation of men and women in PROSPEKTIKER

21-10-2016  ¦  Prospektiker

After a few months of work, PROSPEKTIKER now has a diagnosis of the situation of equality in the organisation. The results show the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation’s opportunities, both internally and externally.

The strengths are:

  • PROSPEKTIKER has a good starting position in terms of equality: the management is committed, as shown by its record in projects of equality, and the company counts with experienced personnel trained in the subject.

  • Stable and close-knit staff motivated for the implementation of the plan, with a good perception of PROSPEKTIKER’s actions in favour of equality.

  • Inclusive and transparent information and decision-making channels, accessible to all the staff (both men and women).

    On the other hand, these are the main areas of improvement:

  • Equality should be integrated as a strategic value in the organisation’s culture, policy and identity.

  • Formally define and promulgate the reconciliation policy in order to spread its existence and to improve its application.

  • Systematically include the gender perspective both in intern processes (training, promotion), and in external ones, such as communication and services.

  • Make the necessary effort to make the promotion process unbiased and systematic to guarantee an equitable professional development.

  • Create a contingency plan in case there is a case of sexual harassment.

With this outcome in mind, we will design PROSPEKTIKER’s equality plan 2016-2019, driven by the Equality Commission.