Quality Policy

Logos IQNet y AR certificando la calidad

The ineludible market requirements of a permanent improvement of the services offered by PROSPEKTIKER, along with the increasing necessity of respecting our environment, has driven us to establish an INTEGRATED QUALITIY AND ENVIRONMENT SYSTEM, certified by AENOR, which guarantees a better service to our clients, and allows our organization to obtain better results.

The basis of the System is detailed in the PROSPEKTIKER Quality Policy:

  • Focus on the client.

  • Training and motivation to the people, adapting their knowledge to the current and future needs, as for Quality issues as Environment ones, so they can carry out their activities in a responsible way.

  • To fulfill the clients' requirements, including the legal and compulsory ones.

  • To communicate, share and diffuse the knowledge inside the organization.

  • To participate actively in the corporate project.

  • To plan and manage the processes, in order to get the highest quality level and the best efficiency results, guaranteeing as well the consideration to the environment.

  • To watch over the environment, through the fullfilment of the prevailing law and the preference towards a sustainable development.

  • The analysis of the results and the establishment of the actions focused on the continuous improvement of the posed concepts.

With the aim of assuring the achievement of the established objectives, PROSPEKTIKER commit itself to follow out and to make follow out the established system, to endow the necessary resources for its development and to assess its adequacy to PROSPEKTIKER's and environment's needs, ensuring as well, when new activities could be developped, that their effects will be taken into account in order to protect the environment in an effective way.

Finally, PROSPEKTIKER is compelled, as an AVIC -Asociación Vasca de Empresas de Ingeniería y Consultoría- associate member, to fulfill the Association's Deontological Code, that includes along with a Behaviour Code, a Projects' Assessment System.