Vision, Mission and Values


We want to be a dinamic reflection structure in 2020:

  • As a European reference in prospective and strategic planning,
  • that positions in advance and thinks of the future oportunities,
  • through collaboration, cooperation and strategic alliances,
  • in order to contribute actively to the development of the territory and society


We are a human team that constitutes a social-corporate project, that from anticipation and the analysis of the possible futures in a global world full of new challenges, tries to pose alternatives and support the implementation of innovative strategies that could be carried out.


We take as main values:

  • The society as the centre of our decisions
  • The training and the development of the people
  • The anticipation to the change, the innovation and the continuous improvement
  • Being a participative, equal and democratic organization
  • Cooperation and the teamwork
  • Contributing actively to the sustainable develpment